Association’s History


Signore Maurizio Parma, vice présidente della Provincia di Piacenza Signore Marco Rossi, Sindaco di Bobbio Councillor Andrew Muir, Mayor of North Down M. Michel Raison, maire de Luxeuil-les-Bains Firma degli statuti dell’ associazione del cammino di san Colombano

The non-profit Colomban Way association has been formed, with the goal of restoring and reinforcing the historical and cultural links between the many territories  where Columbanus is celebrated. Its aim is:

– To bring together and coordinate all organisations and individuals that are active along the Way that are interested in its recognition and development.

– To develop understanding and appreciation of the historical sites and cultural heritage associated with Columbanus and his companions.

– In particular, to work with scientific and educational partners to increase understanding of the historical context and of the life, work and heritage of Columbanus, Gall and their companions.

– To develop initiatives for the youth of the countries and territories traversed by the Way, with the purpose of strengthening the knowledge of their national roots and of consolidating the common European identity.

– To develop visits and tourism on the theme of the early Middle Ages, of the Irish monastic movement in Europe, of Columbanus, Gall and their disciples.

– To encourage and safeguard the journeys of cultural and religious pilgrims and visitors along the Columban Way, working to providing guidance and support, including an adequate infrastructure and services.

To help achieve these goals, the Columban Way maintains excellent and fruitful relations with the institutions of the Euroopean Union, European Commission and with the European Institute of Cultural Routes.

An application is being prepared for certification of the Columban Way officially as a ‘European Cultural Route.’





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