The objectives of the Association, as laid out in the statutes are to:

  • Unite and coordinate all the organisations and individuals that are active along the Columban Way and are interested in its development, enhancement, recognition and promotion;
  • Foster the recognition and appreciation of the places and territories associated with Saint Columbanus and his disciples;
  • Work with partners – scientists and teachers – to widen the understanding of the Irish monastic movement in Europe and the life, historical context, work and heritage of Saints Columbanus and Gall and of their disciples;
  • Cooperate with relevant cultural organisations and public bodies to encourage and safeguard cultural journeys and pilgrimages along the Columban Way, in particular, by supplying adequate infrastructure and services;
  • Promote tourism products and sustainable tourism on the theme of the Irish monastic movement in Europe and/or relating to Saints Columbanus, Gall, their disciples and their legacy;
  • Coordinate and harmonize activities which promote the cultural heritage of the territories included in the Columban Way, developing their attractiveness as tourism destinations and supporting the marketing of local products;
  • Develop and promote initiatives for young people in the countries and territories crossed by the Way, with the aim of strengthening their knowledge of their own national roots and consolidating the common European identity and cultural activities in coherence with Resolution n. (2013) of the Council of Europe on cultural routes;
  • Develop and maintain relations with European Union institutions, in particular with the European Commission and the Council of Europe, as well as the European Institute of Cultural Routes, and, at the same time, request certification of the Columban Way as a Cultural Route of the Council of Europe.
  • Foster dialogue and exchange of good practices with other European cultural routes on related topics, including pilgrimage routes, monasticism and ancient history.

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