Membership is open to all public and private organisations supportive of the Columban Way objectives, in particular those within the territories along the Columban Way, including Regions, Boroughs, Counties, Municipalities or other local authorities.  Benefits of membership include:

  • Involvement in the development of the walking route across Europe: a project that will give visibility to all territories and members of the Columban Way, including through the mapping system that will allow distribution across Europe via computer and smartphone.
  • A presence on the website, which will help promote the Columban Way to all who are interested in pilgrim walking routes and Christian heritage tourism, around the world.
  • Regular updates on the project, sent to all members and to a growing database of local authorities, associations and businesses.
  • Invitations to events, conferences and festivals, on themes relating to the Association’s goals. Possibilities to network with other members, exchange expertise and develop projects of mutual interest.
  • A voice and a vote at the General Assembly, held annually, each year in a different country.

How to Join

Click here to contact the Secretary and President, or speak to any member of the European Association of the Columban Way in your region or country. You will receive the membership application form within two or three days, and your application will be processed within two weeks.

Indicative Membership Fees for 2019: for Communes, Boroughs, Counties and other larger authorities (> 100,000 population): €700 for the year. For smaller local authorities; educational or cultural associations; small businesses: €100.