At the heart of the project is a pilgrimage route in the memory of Columbanus and those that followed him, crossing eight countries, and forming a series of walking trails that cross remarkable landscapes.

The route is being traced out by the Regions, local authorities and volunteer groups concerned, identifying secure and attractive pathways, mainly off-road, as well as the accommodation and other services needed for travellers.

The trails are centralised on a single mapping platform that will be available on computer and smart phone. It is the most ambitious mapping project ever developed for a pilgrimage route, closely involving the local communities.

Like the Camino de Santiago and other major walking trails of Europe such as the Francigena and the Saint Olav Ways in Scandinavia, it will help shape the cultural landscape of Europe, bringing economic and social benefits to many rural and mountain areas.

For descriptions of the trails in the different territories, click here.